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    Scheduled scans are not in results pane

      We are using VMWare Protect Essentials 8.0.0 B 3787
      When we schedule scans to run the results are not shown in the results pane. The log in scheduled task show the scans run correctly but we can not see them.
      Also using the Reports we can not see the scans.
      Any help?
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          If the scan result is not displayed in the scan view (i.e. the results pane), then there is no scan result within the database on which to report (which is why you would not see a scan result when using the reporting tool).

          The log entry may be indicative of the task executing, but the lack of a result would suggest that the task failed. It is important to be mindful of the credentials which the task are set to use during execution. When scheduling a task to occur at a later date, the 'default' credentials are set to be used during execution. If no default credential is set, you should be prompted to do so at the time of scheduling. Re-verifying the credential being used, and even resetting the password (within the credential manager) should help to resolve any credential related issue.

          If you find that you are still unable to resolve your issue, we would urge you to contact Support directly for further assistance.