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    Registration Timed Out on Domain Controllers

      I have installed the agent on about 40 standard servers, but about 50% of my Domain Controllers fail with the error "Registration Timed Out".  Looking in the RegistrationLog.txt file, I see the following error:

           STDispatch stopped.
           Generating Agent Id.
           Found the following physical adapter information: 00:50:56:95:40:DB.
           Error: Error 1788: The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed.
           I can map back to the vCenter Protect server just fine from any of the DCs, no errors.  There is a sibling domain as well, but both the DCs and the vCenter Protect servers are in the primary domain.  
           Tried installing agent manually but same results.  Strangely, the agent has installed fine on about half of my DCs, even those in the same site I might have one work and one won't.