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    Recurring Patch Scan cannot auto deploy at a scheduled time?

      Another question if anyone could help.  I wish to do a scan from the Homepage the recurres every weekday at a certain time.  However I want to auto-deploy the patches at a scheduled time rather than right after the scan.  However, I noticed that I can only auto-deploy at a scheduled time if I select the "Now" option for the scan.  I am not able to select the "Recurring" option for the scan and the "Scheduled" option for auto-deploy.  Is there a way to make this possible?  If not, why am I unable to select this option?  I understand that this may pose a problem if the scan is still going on when the scheduled auto-deploy occurs, but wouldn't that also pose a problem if you select "Now" and the same situation occurs?

      Thanks in advance for any help provided.