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    A Question about the Baseline

      Question about the Baseline Patch Group.  When I update the newest patch for example lets say Oprah 12.02, I know that the old patch for Oprah 12.01 (Just putting that version for sake of an example) will be overridden, but do I need to deselect the older patches so that when patches are deployed from the baseline, I'm just sending the newest patches rather than all the previous ones?

      In other words, when I add a machine to a group I don't want to send patches that a new machine would not need, like patches from 1998 (which my baseline goes that far back).  My supervisor has brought up the possibility of just deselecting each of the older patches from the baseline, but that would imply individualy deselecting thousands of patches and that is just way too inefficient.  If there is a way to deselect older patches from a certain time period that would be great. 

      I hope I'm making sense, if you need more clarity please let me know.
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          Based upon your description, it sounds as if, by 'baseline', you are referring to a patch group filter within a scan template.

          When scanning with a template such as the 'Security Patch Scan' template (in which there is not a patch filter or product filter), supersedence will dicatate that the most recent update in the supersedence chain is offered.

          As in your example, once Oprah 12.02 (and, for the sake of argument, we will say that Oprah 12.02 supersedes Oprah 12.01) is added to the database by updating to the latest XML database, a scan of a machine which determines that the Oprah updates apply (i.e. Oprah 12.01 and Oprah 12.02), Oprah 12.02 will be 'offered' (i.e. will be indicated as a 'Patch Missing' item in the scan result).

          If you use a patch group as a patch filter in your scan template, and wish to have Oprah 12.02 included in the detection, then you will need to add Oprah 12.02 to the existing patch group. Oprah 12.01 is not 'overwritten' by Oprah 12.02.

          For further information, please also see the following topics in our administration guide (also available via the 'Help>Index' menu):

               Contents > Common Tasks > Configuring Program Options > Scan Options

               Contents > Agentless Patch Management Tasks > Patch Management Overview > Determining Patch Supersedence

               Contents > Agentless Patch Management Tasks > Patch Groups > Creating and Editing a Patch Group

          If you are still unclear as to the most effective method of obtaining the desired results, we would urge you to contact Support directly by telephone for immediate assistance.