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    kb2460049 does not install properly

      When I scan for patches using Protect, it shows each of the Office 2010 products missing SP1 instead of just one entry of Office 2010 Pro. Each of products try to install the same patch, KB2460049, and each time it does not install. If I try and run the installer manually it says that the expected version was not found. If I scan using Microsoft Update it shows a different SP1 needed: KB2510690. If I install it through Msft Update, it works fine.

      Why the discrepancy and how can I get Protect to properly update my Office 2010 installs to SP1?


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          If we detect that an installed product is not at the latest service pack level, you will be presented with an option to install the latest service pack. Although the same service pack may apply to multiple products, we are offering the service pack for each product to which it applies. In a cases such as this, after the service pack is applied once, subsequent scans should indicate the correct service pack level for all of the affected products.

          When various Office products are installed on the same target machine (particularly when there are numerous versions and service pack levels), any number of issues can arise in applying updates. Often it can be the case that the registry does not correctly identify the products or versions.

          We can certainly provide further details in regards to the detection once we are able to obtain and analyze the scan log data. We would urge you to contact Support directly for further assistance in this regard.