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    MSSQL 2008r2 SP1 not showing as missing - only SP2

      We are only deploying SP1 dueto vendor approvals, but when I scan my servers I only get a report telling me that SP2 is missing.  I have specified in the approved patches that only SP1 be applied, yet I still only get SP2 missing.  Any ideas?  I rolled out a patching round to over a dozen SQL servers last weekend then last night had to run an emergency patch cycle to install SP1 because the scan reports from the weekend told me I was all up to date (minus the SP2 for SQL2008r2)

      Brings up another question - if I specifty only SP1 to be used in scans for SQL2008r2, why is it still telling me SP2 is missing in the scan results?  It makes my reports to the rest of the team look bad, even though I can explain the missing SPs in the email sent out.

      New to this product, so hoping I'm missing something, but I've looked everywhere with no results.

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          Please keep in mind that the deployment of Service Packs is handled differently than that of regular updates (e.g. 'patches').

          We would urge you to review the topics 'Service pack group' and 'Service packs' within our administration guide (also available via the 'Help>Index' menu) for detailed information regarding the detection and deployment of Service Packs (this provides a great deal of in-depth detail). If you are still unable to identify the necessary method of scanning, deployment, and reporting to suit your unique needs, we would urge you to contact Support directly for immediate assistance.