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    Difference between QJAVA7U00 and QJAVA7U00N?

      What is the difference between QJAVA7U00 and QJAVA7U00N? The descriptions appear identical in the Patch View section.
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          I know we discussed this through email as well, but I wanted to get the answer out here also.

          QJAVA7U00 is actually supposed to be a patch type of "Security patch" rather than software distribution. Our data team is now aware of this and this should be fixed in the next XML update.

          JAVA7U00N is the only one that's supposed to be software distribution which will install if you don't have Java 7 on the machine yet.

          JAVA7U00 is supposed to be a security update which would only apply when Java 6 is already installed and it would be considered a security update to move from Java 6 to 7.