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    Shavlik NetChk Protect can no longuer decrypt credentials for this user


      One user experienced an interface issue resulting in a blank part part in NetCheck's GUI so he closed it and restarted it.
      After that the title's error message appeared for him.
      As he is still able to use the second console and none of the other users have the issue on any console, we thought about windows profile issue so the local profile was deleted but the issue still occured.

      A quick search on the forum lead to this entry:  http://community.shavlik.com/answers/viewQuestion.apexp?id=906C0000000TTv6IAG .

      So I first performed SELECT * FROM credential where (type=6) query to find 4 entries.
      After a db backup I run the DELETE FROM credential where (type=6) query which cleaned the db from the previous records.
      Unfortunately it didn't solve the issue.

      Tech Info about the config:
      Console 1: hosting main console and DB
      OS: Win2K3 R2 SP2
      SQL: MS SQL Server 2008
      NetChk Protect: 7.8.1392.0

      Console 2: hosting secondary console reporting to Console 1's DB
      OS: Win2K3 R2 SP2
      SQL: MS SQL Server 2008 (no in use, backup purpose only)
      NetChk Protect: 7.8.1392.0