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    Copying files to target machine failed

      I've got about 10 Windows Server 2008 R2 VMs in our environment that I'm trying to set up to get updates and patches from vCenter Protect Essentials. I was able to deploy the Agent to the Virtual Center server - which is also the server that will deal out the updates, etc. However when I try to deploy the Agent to the other machines (all with the same administrative credentials and part of a workgroup), I get "Copying files to target machine failed" and "Access to read the target machines registry using Integrated Windows Authentication was denied". I've made sure that all firewalls and AV software are disabled. Any additional thoughts where this might be failing?

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          Some things to check:

          -Check to make sure you have proper administrator level credentials set for the machines when pushing out an agent.

          -Ensure that ports 139 & 445 are open for connection from the Protect console to the target system.

          -Check to make sure the Remote Registry service is started on the target system.

          Are you able to run a security patch scan on these machines from the Protect console? Sometimes if a scan errors out it will provide more detail about why we're unable to connect to a target system. You could also try using the manual agent installer to install the agent.