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    Mobile users updating scan / asset data with distribution server?


      We currently just have 1 vcenter protect server running on our internal network that does some agentless scanning/patching for local machiens and some agent based for sites at other offices over a vpn.  

      I now want to start deploying the agent on laptops.  Some of these will be people who are in the field all the time so never on our internal network.  I do not want to open a port from the outside to my inside network, but I'm worried then that these clients will never be able to check in.

      If I setup a distribution server in our DMZ, and configure clients to get their updates there, will they also check-in at that distribution server? And would my console server be updated with that checkin so that these clients don't automatically delete after 30 days? 

      Can anyone give recommendations of how to handle this short of poking a hole into my internal network?