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    Upgrade to vCenter Protect hangs on Remote Desktop Connection (not connected)

      I'm trying to upgrade our shavlik installation from 7.8 to 8.0 Patch 1 on a Win 2003 R2 SP2 x86 Server.

      Installation hangs at the point of Installing Remote Desktop Connection as it says 'Not Connected' and the progress bar continues to display. It has been left for over 2 hours to ensure I'm not just being impatient!

      All of the pre-reqs show as installed apart from Remote Desktop Connection.

      I am accessing the server over RDP and am able to RDP to over Servers from there.

      We're running quite an agressively locked-down environment here so I just need to know if it's likely to be a port or service that might have been blocked/disabled.

      My other theory is that we need RDP 7 which I think is only compatible with Server 2008