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    faulting application stagentupdater.exe

      Hello, we don't run many agents but we do use them for the DMZ with a passphrase.  Ever since our upgrade to version 8 we receive the following error multiple times per client.  We've reported to to support, but were told it was cosmetic and they would fix it.  Seems an odd response since it was previously fixed under verion 7 ( http://community.shavlik.com/answers/viewQuestion.apexp?pageId=answers&id=906C0000000TSpqIAG ).  Also, it's defintely not cosmetic for us as it triggers the Microsoft error reporter and generates a lot of questions for my team.

      Anyone else having this issue?  Clients are all 2003 r2 sp2 I believe.

           Event Type: Information
           Event Source: Application Error
           Event Category: (100)
           Event ID: 1004
           Date:  6/13/2012
           Time:  10:04:12 AM
           User:  N/A
           Computer: ICT-ETS1
           Reporting queued error: faulting application STAgentUpdater.exe, version 8.0.3787.0, faulting module msvcr100.dll, version 10.0.40219.325, fault address 0x0008d6fd.

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          Please keep in mind that this informational message is not indicative of a singular issue. As was also stated in the thread which you referenced:

          "The simply matching of where it crashes in the event viewer does not mean it is the same problem. The app can reach this portion of the C++ runtime dll through a variety of avenues."

          Also, as this is an informational message recorded by Windows, it may be difficult to identify the mechanism which triggered the logging of the event.

          In order to best assess the issue, we would urge you to contact support directly so that we can collect the necessary data (i.e. configuration details, environmental details, log files, etc.) and provide a thorough analysis.

          If, as you suggested, you have contacted support, please provide the case number so that we can further review the case.
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                      Case 00054575

            Thanks for you assistance!
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              I have reviewed the case you referenced, as well as the data which was submitted. It is extremely important to understand that  Windows Events are generated and logged by Windows. Further details concerning the reason for which an event was triggered and logged can be obtained from Microsoft. Please also keep in mind that this is an 'Informational' message, and is not intended to trigger alarms in reporting.

              Based upon the SR which you referenced, it does not appear as if there are any issues with the behavior of the Protect product. The log data which was submitted from the Agent machine does indicate that the machine is unable to successfully check-in with the console, and is thus also unable to update its data files. I can see that the Agent version is  8.0.3787.0. The agent should, after successfully checking into the console and updating automatically, be at version 8.0.3825.0.

              The agent machine will continue to attempt to check-in to the console machine at intervals as specified in the agent's policy. If the agent is unable to check-in successfully, this does not present a problem. The agent must only successfully check-in once every 45 days.

              If you would like further assistance configuring agents, we would certainly urge you contact support directly.