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    Troubleshooting ITScripts

      Why are ITScripts showing up and blank? Permissions issue or License issue.

      Hey VMware, running into a small issue or quirk. My ITScript "Remove Temp Files" is not working cleaning out the Temp folders. I have license for VMware Vcentre Protect Essentials, but not plus. I see a whole lot of ITScripts showing up but the parameters are blank, some have configuration parameters. Does this mean that they are not part of my package? I have checked. this answer file: vCenter Protect Essentials customers receive ITScripts feature and the basic script catalog.  In the ITScript Community if you click on the Essentials tag in the popular tags list you will see all VMware Script Catalog scripts that are available to Essentials customers. and the script shows up under essentials.

      Any troubleshooting would be helpful.

      PS. To add functionality to the script can you add the emptying of the ProPatchesPatches folder?