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    How do I prevent Java updates when using the Shavlik Agent?

      I am VERY new to the Shavik Product, so please forgive what is probably a basic configuration Question.  Currently our agents are patching Java on the hosts, and we would prefer to do that manually.  How do we ommit Java from the patching template?
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          Deployments are based upon scan results. If you are deploying all items detected as 'Missing', you can certainly add filtering to your Scan Template such that the updates you wish to exclude are also excluded from scanning. More specific details can be found in our Administration guide (see the topic heading 'Creating a New Patch Scan Template'), available as follows:


          Our Administration guide is also integrated into the product, and can be accessed via the 'Help>Index' menu, or by depressing the 'F1' key at anytime within the product. Depressing 'F1' will also display a context sensitive portion of the guide.

          One method of filtering a scan template is through the use of a Patch Group. For more specific details regarding Patch Groups, please see the topic heading 'Creating and Editing a Patch Group' within our guide.

          When using Agents, Patch Groups can also be used to filter deployements (rather than filtering the scan), and can be used to exclude the updates in question.

          If you are still unable to achieve the desired results, we would urge you to contact support directly for further assistance. Telephone support is available from 07:00 until 19:00 CST, Monday through Friday. For further contact details, please see the following: