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    MS12-030/KB2597969 not detected if Office 2007 is installed in a non-standard location

      MS12-030/KB2597969 was detected as needed on only one XP machine here.  That machine is, I think, the only one where Office 2007 is installed in the default location.  Looking at hf.log for a machine where the patch is not detected as needed, I see

      FileInfo.cpp:276 CFileInfo::SetName failed for [\<ip address deleted>C$Program FilesMICROSOFT OFFICEOFFICE12GRAPH.EXE] with error [2]

      Graph.exe is not present at the above path.

      Other patches look in the right place, for example, on the same machine:

      PatchTest.cpp:1223 File '\<ip address deleted>C$AppMicrosoftOffice 2007Office12EXCEL.EXE' error: 0

      Testing on a different machine, I copied graph.exe to the default location and a scan now sees it as out of date.  Deployment patched only the copy in the non-standard location so a rescan says the deployment failed.