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    Status 1385 for scheduled scan/deploy

      I don't usually use the option to do a scheduled scan and deployment, but I'm trying it for a 2008 remote access server that usually has multiple users connected.  I want to scan/deploy/reboot at 3:30am Monday.  My first two tries failed the past two Mondays.  I see a status of 1385 in the scheduled task manager and nothing else.

      If I schedule a scan or scan and copy files to run a few minutes in the future, it works.
      Manual deployment to the problem server after a scan works.
      If I schedule a scan and deploy task on an XP workstation, it works.

      Does the status 1385 mean anything?

      I'm not logged on when the job fails, so the vCenter Protect GUI is not running.  I'm assuming scheduled tasks are handled at the service level so this shouldn't matter, correct?

      The list of machines in the machine group used to schedule the task may have been changed after the task was scheduled.  Do I need to preserve this?

      I'm not using a linked text file for the list of machines to be scanned, but if I were, when would it be read?  Once when the task was created or every time the task was run?
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               When scheduling a scan, including a scan which includes an automatic deployment, the details are notated (including the user to run as, the machine group to target, the scan and deployment templates to be used, etc.). When the scheduled time and date to run occurs, the service accounts will create and execute the task as the 'User to run as'.

               Important points to note when scheduling a scan task are as follows:

               1) The 'User to run as' credentials will need to have the necessary permissions to perform the task. If a machine group requires additional permissions be specified, those permissions will need to have been created and specified under the credentials of the 'User to run as'.

               2) The 'User to run as' credentials will automatically be set to the specified 'Default' credential (if this is set). If there no 'Default' credential set, you will be prompted to specify the 'User to run as' credential when scheduling the task.

               3) The console machine will need to be running, and the console and scheduler services will need to have started in order for the scheduled task to occur.

          The 1385 error is most likely indicating that the 'User to run as' does not have the necessary credentials, particular in terms of permissions. Verify that the 'User to run as' credentials are being granted (and not denied) the following permissions (e.g. under the target machine's local security policy):

          Backup Files and Directories
          Debug Programs
          Restore Files and Directories
          Take Ownership of Files or Other Objects
          Manage Auditing and Security Log
          Log on as a Batch Job