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    Update Failed.  Unable to Update.  The mainfest version is older than the installed platform version.

      I am looking through the log files of my local Shavlik client and found this error being generated each time that an update is performed (from the console or manually from the client)

      ERROR  Update failed.  Unable to update.  The manifest with platform version '8.0.3787.0' is older than platform version '8.0.3825.0'

      I checked on our console and it is currently at 8.0.0 build 3787 and the client on my laptop is running 8.0.0 build 3825.  The problem that i'm running into is when I go into Help > Check for Program Updates, it says "no updates available".  How can I get the console manifest on build 3825 so my clients will check in and report correctly?