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    Can there be JDK support and can there be a way to remove older versions of JDK and/or JRE before the install?


           I have several workstations at my site that use the JAVA JDK. vCenter Protect Essentials currently does not support the JDK (as far as I know).

           I have created a custom patch that will detect and deploy the latest version of JAVA JDK but I am unable to automate the uninstallation of any older versions of JAVA JDK. The installer does not remove the older versions as far as I know. Can the support for JAVA JDK be added (if it is not) and can there be a way to remove the older versions of JAVA JDK and JRE before the install. Either a deployment or ITScript would be fine with me.

           Also, the deployment of JAVA JRE 7u3 does not remove any previous versions of JAVA JRE. I have many systems on JRE 6u31 and soon I will need to move them all to JRE 7. Currently, when I deploy JRE 7, it does not remove the version of 6u31. When it is done, you have both 6u31 and 7u3 installed. Can there be a way to remove older versions of JAVA JRE before the deployment of a newer version?

           Thank you