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    Agent results are not reporting back to console.

      I am just beginning to test using the agent for patch scans & deployments and am not seeing the agent results reflected on the console.  The scan ran fine, the patches were deployed, and the patch scan status shown on the pc shows the correct last scan time and that the missing patches have been installed.  However, there is nothing listed under Today's items in Results, and the machine view (top and middle panels) still show the patches missing (I have done a refresh).  The Agent Manager lists my test machine, shows the state as Active, and indicates a Last Agent Check In time from after the deployment.  The pc is able to resolve the name of the console machine.

      I'm not sure what else I can check.  Can anybody help me out?

      Thanks so much!
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          Agent scan results should be sent to the console when a scan completes. The scan result will not be listed under the Results tab on the console. The scan results should be available for reporting (e.g. via the advanced filter), and should be reflected within a refreshed Machine View (as long as there have not been subsequent, agent-less scans of the machine).

          Agent deployment results should also be sent to the console, and should be listed under the Results tab on the console.

          All agent results should be submitted to the console via TCP3121. If the results are not being sent or received, advanced troubleshooting may be required. If you contact support directly, we can obtain log files from the agent machine for analysis which will most likely allow us to identify the issue.