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    Machine groups for servers

      I'm just beginning the process of setting up machine groups for our servers scanning and patching & I'm unsure of how I want to approach it and was wondering what everybody else is doing.  We're a relatively small shop with approx. 80 servers, both physical and virtual.  Most are located at our HQ, but there are 10 at remote locations.  I do have a group of development servers, so it's the production ones that I'm concerned with.  My first thought was just to go with our AD OU structure, but then I thought it might be advantageous to do them in terms of functionality -- ie, web, application, file & print, email, etc.  Either of those two approaches though would contain a mix of physical and virtual, so I'm not sure if that's the best approach.  Bottom line is this is all new to me & while I know everybody's approach is to fit their situation, I'm hoping to gain some wisdom from those of you who've been down this road, hoping to make my life a bit easier.

      Thanks for any insight.