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    Scan for just "High Priority" Non-Security updates?


      With the security bulletins, we have the severity ratings, but is anyone working on introducing a way to scan for "High Priority" Non-Security updates and not just all non-security updates? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2662694 shows 36 non-security updates listed as "High Priority" during 2011.

      This is causing great distrust in Shavlik from management as they keep pointing to Windows Update/Shavlik discrepencies.

      For example, KB2633952 is listed with "Classification: High Priority, Non-Security, Update Rollups". WU shows this update under the "Important" updates.
      Since it is not a security update, it has no severity rating and is lumped in with all the other non-security updates within Shavlik.

      I know we could read the bulletins ourselves and set the User criticality for these High-Priority ones, but an automated method would ease management's concerns.

      If we run the scan for non-security updates, we see much more than KB2633952, with most of the others appearing in the Optional section when scanned from WU.