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    MS11-100 / Q2657424 for .NET 3.5 not shown as missing

      Protect 8.0.0 build 3756, XML

      On my XP Pro SP3 32-bit, Vist Home Premium SP2 32-bit, and Vista Ultimate SP2 64-bit systems, System.Web.Extensions.dll is at version 3.5.30729.5053 (LDR branch).  According to KB2657424, the LDR branch version of the new patch is 3.5.30729.5769.  I'm not sure how my systems got on the LDR branch, I don't remember installing any updates other than what Protect or Windows Update offered, but in any case, it looks like Protect must be comparing the Old LDR version (5053) against the new GDR version (3678) and concluding incorrectly that the patch is not needed.