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    bad file key

      When I try to bring up Machine View in NetChk, I am getting a "bad file key error". When I try to run a scan, the services for the console and the agent automatically stop.
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          What version of Protect are you using? The only time I've seen this error before is when a customer was using an EOL version, and they no longer saw the issue after upgrading.

          It may be best to open a support case and send in logs so we can look into this further. Please use these steps to obtain logs:

          -In Protect go to Tools > Options > Logging and make sure both User Interface and Services are set to “All”. Save.
          -Close Protect.
          -Stop all the Shavlik (VMware vCenter Protect) services.
          -Delete all the logs from:
            -Vista, 2008,  & Win7: C:ProgramDataShavlik TechnologiesLogs
            -Windows XP & 2003: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataShavlik TechnologiesLogs
          (These may be in a VMware directory rather than Shavlik Technologies for v.8.0 and above.)
          -Start the Shavlik (VMware vCenter Protect) services and open Protect.
          -Reproduce the error/issue.
          -Afterwards please zip and send all the logs.