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    Installing patches after doing a "copy patch installations only"?

      What is the best way of actualling installing patches once you deploy using the "Copy patch installations only (no automatic execution)" option?

      It looks to me that if I use this option for deploying to a specific machine group I can then do another scan at a later time with the Install Immediately deployment option selected and it will install the patches that were copied previously. That is pretty good, but I'd like to be able to tell Shavlik to install the updates without having to re-scan first.  Here's my use case:

      I manage a very large environment with extremely tight patching schedules that are server specific.  I often have 30 minutes to an hour to patch a subset of servers with very little notice of when that patching window will occur.  Many of these servers are in remote locations which take a significant amount of time to scan.  Additionally we work in a 3 week patch cycle and during that 3 week cycle I put Shavlik in offline mode so it no longer downloads new patches.  This allows us to patch our dev, qa, and production environments over this 3 week cycle while making sure that the production servers aren't getting newer patches than what was deployed to dev.

      Since our patches won't change for three weeks, what I want to do is at the beginning of the patching cycle deploy all patches to all servers in the environment using the copy but don't install option.  Then when a patching window appears for a set of servers I want to be able to just tell Shavlik to go install them without it having to rescan first.  Is there a mechanism for accomplishing this?