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    Several patches not shown missing by vCenter Protect, but it might be OK

      Using vCenter Protect Essentials 8.0.0 build 3756, XML

      Protect is not showing that the following patches are missing, but Windows Update does.  I don't think it is really an error (based on my comments below), but I wanted to give people a heads-up.  This is on a Windows XP Pro SP3 system.

      Q2596843 and Q2596912 - These are both related to security bulletin MS11-094.  Compatibility Pack for Office 2007 SP3 and PowerPoint Viewer 2007 SP3 are installed on the system (so is Q2596785).  However, MS11-094 specifically says that SP3 is not affected for either product, so I don't know why Windows Update is showing them.  Protect does not show them as effectively installed either.

      Q2596651 and Q2596789 - They aren't listed in Patch View, so they are probably not security patches, but MS still calls them High Priority.  The system has Access 2007, Compatibility Pack 2007, and PowerPoint  Viewer 2007 installed.  Any plans to add these 2 patches to Protect?