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    moving Shavlik NetChk Protect 7.8.0.

      Looking to move Shavlik NetChk Protect 7.8.0. 
       to a new faster server. What is the best method.
       Have about 80 computers reporting in.
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          I am assuming that the 80 computers in question have the agent software installed. At the time of agent installation, unique certificates are created on the agent machines which allows them to identify the console machine. When the console machine changes, the agents certificates will need to be recreated to match. The easiest way to go about this would be to re-install the agent software, preferably from the console machine.

          If you are using a remote database, you will want to ensure that the new console machine has the necessary SQL permissions. Detailed information regarding this configuration is available in our administration guide, or via the 'Help>Index' menu under the topic 'SQL Server notes'.

          If you are using a local database, and wish to migrate the existing database to the new machine, we recommend the following procedure:

          1) Purge any records which are no longer needed, either via the 'Manage>Items' menu, or by using the Database maintenance utility (under the 'Tools' menu).

          2) Detach the database from the existing SQL instance using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

          3) Complete the installation on the new machine, choosing to create a new database (use a unique database name).

          4) Once the new installation is complete, copy the database files from the old machine to the new machine, then attach the database to the SQL instance.

          5) Link Protect to the new database using the database setup tool (there is a shortcut labelled 'Database Setup Tool' located within the Protect program group within the Windows Start menu).