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    Agent License Expired?

      I am now running Essentials Plus 8.0 build 3756 (which I quite like, by the way).  Help > About informs me that my Maintenance and Data Subscription expires on 4/8/2014 and that I am licensed for 480 machines, of which I have used 279 deployment licenses.

      I am trying to install an agent on a laptop and it is having trouble communicating with the console after installation.  I am using the STPlatformUpdater.exe file to install this agent manually from the 3756 build.  It's file date is 10/31/2011 and version is 8.0.3756.0.

      The agent installs and I can retrieve the agent policy from the server (I use shared passphrase) so it looks like that connection is working fine.  However, the agent cannot check in.  I notice when I do Help > About from the agent that it tells me that my Agent License has Expired.  I get this behavior on multiple machines that I have tried.

      How do I resolve this?  Is there a license file that the agent can't find or do I have something wrong with my console?

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          The agent will need to check-in at least once every 45 days in order to maintain its licensing. It certainly sounds as if the agent's failure to check-in is why the license is expired.

          The agent checks in to the console machine via TCP3121. You can test the agent configuration as follows:

          1)Navigate to either of the following directories (depending upon bit-level) on the agent machine:

          C:Program Files (x86)VMwarevCenter Protect Agent

          C:Program FilesVMwarevCenter Protect Agent

          2) Execute the following command:

          stagentmanagement.exe -diag

          3) Review the results for any errors.

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            Okay, I'm getting closer.  After reading the errors and sifting through the log files, I think I've found the problem.  

            In STAgentUpdater.log, I get this error when the Agent attempts to check in: 

            There was an error communicating with the endpoint '
            There was an error sending the HTTP request.
            The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value.
            The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match.

            What's the next step?
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              During agent installation, a unique certificate is created on the agent machine identifying the console machine. These certificates must match in order for the agent to successfully connect to the console machine.

              Did the console name change in some way? Was the agent software previously installed on the client machine? Try performing the following test on the console machine:

              1)Navigate to either of the following directories (depending upon bit-level) on the agent machine:

              C:Program Files (x86)VMwarevCenter Protect

              C:Program FilesVMwarevCenter Protect

              2) Execute the following command:

              stmgmt.exe -test_console

              3) Review the results for any errors.

              If the console does not have any errors, try re-installing the agent from the console machine. Else, it might be helpful to contact support directly in order to identify the reason for which the certificates no longer match, and to help expedite resolution.