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    Confused on Machines by Patch Reports

      Running NetChk 7.8.

      I am new to this product and have been confused by the output of certain reports.  For example, I ran a report on Bulletin ID FF11-022 (Firefox 7.0.1).  What results is a list of the various Firefox versions with several older versions (e.g. v5.0.1, v6.0.2, etc.) showing failed depolyments, however, those same machines show successful deployments of 7.0.1.  I do not understand these results (scan dates are very close, if not same day).  Is the product telling me that my machines are compliant, or that there are multiple versions on Firefox installed on these machines and the older versions are not patched?  Doesn't the patch upgrade the product to the patched version?

      My only guess is that I am conceptually confused on what NetChk is reporting to me.  Can someone please help explain what I am seeing?

      Thanks for your help!
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          Reports are executed against database records (i.e. scan and deployment records).

          For more specific reporting, you can select a specific scan or deployment record on which to report, and will have a variety of additional options availabe via the advanced filter (options will vary by report).

          Please also see the topic heading 'Reports' within the product administration guide, or via the 'Help>Index' menu for details regarding specific reports.

          For assistance with a specific report, please provide any pertinent details (i.e. the specific report name, filter options, etc.).