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    Move agents to new console

      I will be upgrading both the console machine and to vCenter Protect Essentials v8.  Is there a way to move the agents to a new console or do I need to uninstall them from the old console and reinstall from the new console?  Should I upgrade the old console to v8 before installing the new console?



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          When moving the console to a new machine, the agent machines' certificates will no longer match that of the new console, and the agents will also fail to correctly identify and resolve the console. In this case, you will need to re-install the agent software from the new console machine.

          If you are intending to use the existing database, there are some further considerations. If your database is hosted remotely, you will want to ensure that the permissions are set correctly for the new console's machine account (see SQL post-installation notes within our administration guide, or via the 'Help>Index' menu). If the database is hosted locally, be sure to detach the database (e.g. using Management Studio) from the existing SQL instance, then attach the databse to the new SQL instance prior to connecting to the database with Protect.