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    Issue with XML - MS patch object reference and download


      We are using two console to target two environments. We started to deploy this month MS patches with XML and everything was fine (DS synch...)
      We update one of the console with and we experience some issue with patches object reference and download:
      - MS11-75, 77,78,80,81

      When trying to deploy with the new XML, patches showed as not downloaded.

      For MS11-77,78,80 and 81, we were able to redownload the patch and received new binaries (previous were named WindowsXP-KB#######-x86-ENU.exe the new ones are named WindowsXP-KB#######.exe)

      So, we had to resynch the DS to be able to continue deployment. It means that we have twice the object on them so some cleaning is needed.

      For MS11-75, we are not able to download the file (WindowsXP-KB2564958.exe) with the following error status: "The remote server returned an error: (404) not found."

      Actually I have to keep the second console with the older XML so we can finish one environment. for the updated one we can only deploy 4 patches of 5.

      Many thanks,


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