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    Error manually installing the agent

      I have a Windows 2003 R2 server that was once a member of a domian and had Netchk 7.6 installed on it.  The machine was removed from that domain and joined to another.  I uninstalled netchk7.6 and then attempted to install 7.8 from another shavlik console using the agentinstaller.MSI file copied to the local machine.  The installer starts and lets me enter https://server:3121 and passphrase.  It lets me select the policy.  Then it quickly gives me an error "Netprotect agent setup wizard ended prematurely.  I looked in locations on that machine where I thought logs files would be but I can't find any log files.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?
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          Please try the troubleshooting steps listed below:

          1) Uninstall the agent software via Windows (i.e. Add/Remove Programs) if it is listed as installed.

          2) Ensure that there are no 'ST*' processes in memory (e.g. via task manager). If there are, please end them.

          3) Verify that there are not 'Shavlik*' services listed (the exception is the 'Shavlik Remote Scheduler' service).

          4) Delete the following directories (depending upon operating system):

          C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataShavlik Technologies

          C:ProgramDataShavlik Technologies

          C:Program FilesShavlik Technologies

          C:Program Files (x86)Shavlik Technologies

          5)Navigate to the following directory (depending upon operating system):

          C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys


          6)  Open the first file in the list (using a basic text editor such as  Notepad), and look for the clear text 'agent'. If you do not see the  word 'agent' in clear text, move to the next file in the list.

          7)  Once you have identified the file containing the clear text 'agent'  (this is the machine key for the agent software), delete said file.

          8) On the console machine, create a new agent policy, and ensure that verbose logging is enabled within the policy.

          9)  Install the agent software on the target machine using the  agentinstaller.msi file. The file is located on the console machine in  either of the following directories (depending upon operating system):

          'C:ProgramDataShavlik  TechnologiesNetChkDataFiles' or 'C:Documents and SettingsAll  UsersApplication DataShavlik TechnologiesNetChkDataFiles'

          If  the agent installation fails unexpectedly, re-attempt the manual  installation from an administrative command prompt utilizing the  following syntax:

          AgentInstaller.msi /l*vx C:AgentInstall.log

          Once the agent installation has failed, submit the C:AgentInstall.log file for analysis.
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            I just realized the server in question is a 2008R2 server if that matters.  I sent the log file into Support.  I couldn't see where to attach a file to the forum.
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              Shavlik support fixed the problem.  Here's the solution:


              Thanks for sending in the log file.  It is a certificate error causing the issue.


              The install is having trouble creating the certificates.


              If this isn't the NetChk console machine - please continue with the below steps:


              1) Removing Certs

              -Run MMC.exe.

              -Go to File > Add/Remove Snap-In.

              -On the left under "Available Snap Ins", highlight Certificates > Click Add.

              -Choose "Computer Account" > Click Next.

              -Leave the bullet next to Local computer > Click Finish.

              -Close the Add or Remove Snap Ins Window.

              -You will now see "Certificates" listed under Console Root, expand this.

              -If they exist - delete all certificates you find that are listed in the following as being issued by "ST Root Authority":


              Trusted Root Certification AuthoritiesCertificates

              Intermediate Certification AuthoritiesCertificates

              -Once you've deleted all certificates in these locations issued by "ST Root Authority", you can close this window.

              2) Again - please verify the permission on the MachineKeys folder. The person doing the install, administrators, and System should have full control. C:ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys.  Older OS's - C:Document and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys folder.

              3) Remove any Shavlik keys that were created under the MachineKeys folder.

              To do this:

              Open each file in this folder, and look for any Shavlik reference, ST, etc.


              Delete any files that are Shavlik related.

              4)  Retry the Agent install again (run as Administrator if UAC is turned on), and submit any new logs if the trouble persists.