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    The scan is not completely imported

      When I do a manual scan I get the error: The scan is not completely imported. If I scan a subnet it ALWAYS crashes NetChk Protect (7.8). What is wrong, this used to work correctly.
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          Where do you see the message "The scan is not completely imported" displayed? By default, the console machine's local system account writes scan results to the database. Is this a remote database? Is it possible that something has changed with the permissions? Launching the database setup tool (for which there is a shortcut in the Shavlik Technologies program group within the Windows Start menu), then selecting to use an existing database, should display a page indicating how the machine's services are currently configured to authenticate with SQL.

          As for the crashes, can you provide some further detail? It would be very helpful to know exactly what is occuring at the time of the crash, and the error message being received (if any). This may require analysing some log files to resolve.

          Which build of 7.8 are you currently using?
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            I am receiving the same error in a fresh install of 8.0.0 build 3787.  I am getting the message in the Operations Monitor window when I click "6. View complete Results" and also when I click on "1 of 1 machine complete, 0 machines not scanned" in Step 4
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              jzaruba - It certainly sounds as if the results are not importing, which is typically due to SQL permissions. The console machine's services are responsible for writing results to the database. First, ensure that the console service is actually started ('VMNware vCenter Protect Console Service'), and that the service is configured to log on as 'Local System'. Next, verify the method by which the services are configured to connect to the SQL database via the database setup tool (launched via shortcut within the 'VMware vCenter Protect' program group in the Windows Start menu).

              If you are still unable to resolve the issue, it may be best to contact support directly.