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    Email link pointing towards the old forum


      Hey Shavlik team,

      When receiving email about the updated patch XML files for Shavlik NetChk Protect. The URL for checking for more information is pointing towards the old forums. Is this correct?

      How to obtain the new Shavlik XML files:

      The new XML files will be automatically downloaded to your NetChk console the next time a scan is performed.  Alternatively, you may initiate a refresh of all Shavlik files, including the XML files, by selecting 'Tools-Refresh Files' from the menu bar in the NetChk console version 6.x and earlier, or 'Help-Refresh Files' in the NetChk console version 7.x and higher.  For additional information on Shavlik data files, please visit http://forum.shavlik.com/viewtopic.php?t=4923


      - The Shavlik XML Team