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    MS11-A05 is not installing


      Security Tool

      - Added MS11-A05(Q2562937): Microsoft Security Advisory: Update Rollup for ActiveX Kill Bits

      It will update and restart the machine but it shows with a scan that it is still missing. I can run the file from the machine and it will update and show as patched. 


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          This can be due to a number of things. Would you be able to try  scanning with the default security patch scan to see if this shows the  same missing patch? If not, are you using a patch group  in your scan template by chance?If you are using it could be that these are  superseded patches and need to be removed from the patch group. You can  tell this by selecting them in patch view or the scan results then  viewing the patch info tab down below. This will show you in the left  side of the pane if it has been superseded.

          If it still shows missing it may be an issue with the  scheduler. Could you take a look under  c>windows>propatches>install to see if the latest batch file  for the deployment you have done is still a batch or has been renamed to  a .his (this is done after the file completes successfully) If this is  still a batch you will want to check to make sure our scheduler service  is running under services. (Shavlik remote scheduler service) If not  this is the issue and you just want to start it. If it is missing this  would also indicate a problem.

          In the case where the scheduler exists and is running it could be  that the scheduler is corrupt. If this is the case we could rebuild the  scheduler.

          To do this just stop the scheduler service

          Open command prompt. Run :

          SC delete "shavlik scheduler"

          Delete c>windows>propatches.

          Open regedit. Delete


          (leave out the wow6432node in 32 bit)

          Then rescan deploy once again to see if this now runs.

          If this still fails, or if it fails to recreate the scheduler the next course of action would be to make sure port 5120 is able to be connected to on the target machine. And that no AV software could be prevention our scheduler from running.

          Thank you.