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    On several servers, we are getting an error "STSchedEx.EXE - Application Error" "The exception unknown software exception (0x400000015) occurred in the application at location 0x0046c80e.  Click on OK to terminate the program."

      This occurs during the reboot after deploying patches using NetCHK 7.8.  If you click "OK", the server sits in a quasi-hung state.  You can move the cursor around, but do little else.  You can't even reboot using CTRL-ALT-DEL or a WMI script.  The only way to complete the reboot is to power-down the server, which is always asking for trouble.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?  We've gone as far as uninstalling the Shavlik scheduler across all of our servers and then letting it get installed upon next deployment, but that hasn't fixed the issue.  This is very frustrating since it increases the amount of human intervention needed to patch our fleet of servers.