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    various versions of adobe reader & acrobat exist in environment. What is the best approach to patching them and bringing them up to date?

      We have an environment of Adobe Acrobat 9 & reader 9. over time, we have hundreds of workstations/servers out on the floor with different versions of each. (e.g, 100 workstations with reader 9.4.2, 50 with 9.3, etc)

      What is the best approach to patching them up to the most current patch of 9.4.5? in the past i've created a package and listed all patches in an .ini file to install in order. I have SCUP enabled now and would like to patch thru SCCM patch management. Should i add every patch to a single deployment and will each machine install each patch in order? or would I have to set separate deployments for each patch?