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    Best Practice for Protect with remote offices and mobile users

      I have used Protect in the past in a single office and loved it. I now have a position with a company that has 2 Main offices, each with 3 remote offices. All offices are interconnected with VPNs. I have Protect with a single console and I need to be able to patch machines in both Main offices along with the remote locations. Another issue is 90% of the workforce uses laptops or netbooks and spend 50% of their days on the road, when their day is done the laptops are locked in the desks.
      What is the best way to configure this? I have never used agents before and I assume this will be needed also.
      I am thinking I would need to do this:
      1. 1st Main office has the console
      2. 2nd Main office has a Deployment server
      3. Install agents to all mobile devices and have them pull updates from Shavlik? Not too sure what can be configured on an agent.