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    Scheduled task does not run


      We are having difficulty with the scheduled task and deployment feature in Shavlik 5.6.

      We have 220 machines that have been grouped by function and nodes if they are clustered.

      Running Shavlik version 5.6.0

      A group contains three servers: ServerA ServerB and ServerC

      In the schedule task manager the servers are showing up as blue; connection is OK on part 5120.

      A Machine group is created called GroupA that contains ServerA ServerB and ServerC

      ServerA ServerB and ServerC have the shavlik scheduler running as the Local System Account , the sheduler has been removed and re-installed; the servers rebooted.

      ServerA ServerB and ServerC have the folders C:WINDOWSpropatchesinstall cleared and C:WINDOWSpropatchespatches cleared

      The time on the servers is the same.

      A deployment group has been created 'Monthly' that has Citrix removed (ie does not scan for) and has settings to remove the patches afterwards.

      All this in place the job is scheduled to run on the 15th of the month at 02:00 for GroupA using Monthly but does not execute on any of the servers; there are no files copied to any of the servers and there is no record in the Windows event logs that any communication has been made to the servers.

      The job was scheduled using an account that has full rights on the shavlik server (domain admin account).