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    Custom Patch - File in different directory


      I'm trying to create a custom patch for a plugin we'll be installing.  I got to the point where I can get it deployed but there seems to be a problem.  I created a custom product, patch and bullentin.  The product looks for a registry key and the patch looks for for a file.  The problem I'm having is that the file goes in the MS Office Addins directory so the file could be in Office12Addins or Office11Addins.  I can't use a registry check because the only key written contains the location of the addins directory.  Right now I have both directories listed.  When I run a scan on a machine without the software, it shows it isn't installed and allows me to install it.  When I run the scan after it is installed against the same machine, it shows that it still isn't installed when it is.  Is there any way around it?