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    Delayed patch installation after pre-installation reboot


      I have a deployment template that does a pre and post installation reboot.  The issue I'm having is that some of my machines (Windows XP clients with sp3) fail to install patches immediately after the preinstallation reboot.  It is only when they are turned on again the next morning (I have a script that shuts down all of the clients at night) or rebooted once more that patches are then installed and the post installation reboot occurs. 

      In a nutshell, here is what is happening:
      reboot(via deployment template)-->no patches are installed immediately after reboot as they should -->turn off machines via script-->turn machines on the next morning-->shavlik patches are installed the next morning after machine is turned on-->post installation reboot occurs (via deployment template)

      This is what should be happening but for some reason is not:  pre-install reboot(via deployment template)-->patch machine-->post-installation reboot(via deployment template)-->turn off machines via script-->turn on the next morning.

      Has anyone else experienced this?  I'm currently running NetChk Protect 7.8.0 Build 1392 but have experienced this problem in 7.6 as well.  I have a case open with Shavlik support and I've been told that this is a malware issue on the client but I'm not buying it because it's happening on multiple machines.  Hopefully support can dig a little deeper and work with me on this (I sent some screenshots and info to them a week ago and have yet to hear back), but until that time, I thought I'd ask the community to see if anyone else has had this issue.  I've tried reinstalling the scheduler service on the affected clients but it didn't seem to make a difference.