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    SCUPdates - App-V


      I'm looking for a tool that would replace our existing application vulnerability assessment tool. The main requirement is the compatibility with Windows 7 SOE, and in particular Application vitalization App-V. Tool must be capable of identifying vulnerabilities in the standard 3rd party (non MS) desktop applications, by comparing the actual installed product versions with the manufacturer recommended versions. Patch deployment is not required since all patches will be deployed using SCCM (existing patch deployment mechanism). The tool must be capable of identifying vulnerabilities in the standard SOE desktop applications (such as, but not limited to:-  Adobe products, WinZip, Flash, Java etc.). In addition the solution must be compatible with:  Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 x64, Med-V XP environment running on Windows 7 x64, App-V applications installed on targets, Standard executable and MSI packages installed on targets. The solution must integrate with Microsoft System Central Configuration Manager (SCCM), version SCCM 2007 4.00.6487.2000 R3. The solution must allow the user to control / configure the bandwidth use, allow for the control of CPU and memory usage on the client/target and should not require client user interaction. The solution should provide flexible reporting capabilities including but not limited to: status reports on all patched, insecure and end-of life programs, schedule automatic reports at pre-determined time intervals, ability to review the reports via the dashboard, ability to receive the reports via email if required.

      Would SCUPdates or any other Shavlik products have a capability to meet above requirements?

      Thanks for your help.




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          Peter, I believe our SCUPdates product is what you would be looking for, it is a data file that we provide you. You take the file, publish it to SCCM using System Center Update Publisher, and it give you the ability to scan for and deploy 3rd part patches using your current SCCM system. If you want some more information about the product please contact me at 651-255-5498 or email me at jbahls@vmware.com.