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    agents will not install patches

      We have serveral computers on which the NetChk agents will not install patches.  I can start a manual scan on each pc and the agent will detect the patches as missing but it never installs them. If i push them out manually from the console, they install, but I would like to find out why the agents aren't working.  Checking the patch logs on the affect machines, I see the following errors:

      *** Error *** in COMPARE. Could not find VarName1. The rest of the script in this product may be in error as a result.
      2011-06-24T15:49:28.5710915Z 0a68 W DynamicProductDetection.cpp:3396 Possible error in the detection script or the data in the registry for file path information is not correct.

      I've checked the registry and the file paths seem to be correct, so I'm not sure what the problem could be.