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    Can't push agent from console or install manually

      When trying to push the agent from the console, I reach 67% progress and then receieve an error message:
      "Agent registration failed".
      When trying to install the NetPt Agent by using the file I get this message:
      "Error connecting to the console. Check the Uri and authentication method and try again."

      It appears the agent can't communicate back with the console. The event viewer has entries that proves the agent push at least did something, as there are a few Shavlik entries. It's the communication from the PCs to the console that seems to fail.

      This is what I have done so far and nothing has worked:

      Disabled IPv6
      Disabled Windows Firewall (for testing purposes)
      Made sure that all services specified on the requirements page are running
      Using tcpview.exe I can see that the console machine is listenting to TCP port 3121.
      The two test PCs I have used are running Windows XP SP3.
      Removed antivirus software on a test PC.

      And here is some information that might be useful:

      Pinging between machines works fine, they are on the same network.
      Console machine: Windows server standard 2008 Service Pack 2 (running on vSphere)
      When surfing to the console URI on port 3121 with Firefox I get this error code: "sec_error_inadequate_cert_type". Not sure if it's supposed to be like that.