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    Firefox 4 software distribution needs updating

      please add firefox 4.0.1 to the software distribution patch type
      currently you can only scan for 4.0.0
      if you scan machine that have 4.0.1 installed, they show as missing Firefox 4
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          Firefox 4.0.1 is currently supported. Please ensure that you have the latest data files (you can do this via the 'Help>Refresh Files' menu from within the NetChk Protect console). Are you using a patch group to filter your patch scans? What is the 'Q' number of the patch which you suspect is incorrectly identified as missing?

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            as i said
            SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION , not patch scan
            Yes i know 4.0.1 is supported as a patch, what i am talking about is software distribution
            Sorry if i did not explain this clearly enough

            create software distribution template using FF11-004  (patch type - software distribution)
            what i want to do is scan my machines to find the ones that dont have firefox 4 installed yet.
            ie. the machines running 3.6 etc.

            if i scan a machine that has firefox 4.0.1 installed on it , it fails the scan as the scan is looking
            for 4.0.   the result is that the machine is flagged as missing firefox 4.

            have a look at creating a patch group for firefox, every 3.x version has a pair of items
            1 for software distribution and 1 for security patches
            the 4.0.1  needs a software distribution patch and /or change to the scanning logic
            that > than 4.0.0  counts as installed
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              if you are trying to push out firefox 4.0.1 u need to add FF11-009 to your soft dist template. FF11-004 will always show as missing in a soft dist scan cause u are specificly looking for that version. ff11-004 is supercededed by FF11-009 so in a normal scan/soft dist scan with out a patch group ff11-009 will show as missing.