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    7.8 Agent Custom Patch Installation Failing

      I have copied ShavlikAgentCustomPatch to my shavlik server and setup the custom patch XML as per the documetation provided with it for 7.6.  Will this custom agent patch work with 7.8?  I  have tried and it will fail on the machines when I deploy it.  All the  files copy over to the machines properly and the installation will  start, even creating the install.log file, but then it will fail.  I had  made sure that the system account has full access to the machines, as  the account does by default.  The only error messages I can find in the  install.log are below...

      Product: NetPt Agent -- Error 1306.  Another application has exclusive access to the file  'C:WindowsProPatchesinstall.log'. Please shut down all other  applications, then click Retry.

      Product: NetPt Agent -- Installation failed.

      MSI  (s) (F4:DC) [15:55:11:859]: Windows Installer installed the product.  Product Name: NetPt Agent. Product Version: 7.8.1340.0. Product  Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Shavlik Technologies. Installation success  or error status: 1603.