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    Hash mismatch errors in UpdatesPublisher.log

      Has anyone been able to publish/download the latest Adobe Flash?  I'm getting hash mismatch errors in UpdatesPublisher.log for 10.1.102
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          Can anyone even see this post?  I only see it when I click on "my questions" when I browse to "Community Answers -> Shavlik SCUPdates" I don't see it.  Let me know if you can see this.
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            The errors you are seeing  (not from a trusted source and failed hash
            value) can happen for two reasons:

            1)  You are trying to publish an update this no longer available
            directly from the vendor.  The solution is to only Publish the current
            updates.  You can sort the publish column by date to make this easier.
             If you wish to publish old updates, you will have to find and host
            the package file yourself, and edit the package to update the file

            2)  The vendor has released a new patch or update that isn't in our
            SCUPdates data files yet.  This issue comes about because the download
            URL for the latest Adobe Flash, Shockwave, etc. patches are static,
            but the file version behind that static link changes as the vendor
            releases new updates.  There is a little lag from when the vendor
            releases their updates, and when our catalog is aware of the new
            versions. Our new Catalogs are currently released every Friday.  In
            these situations, you have to wait until we release the next SCUPdates
            catalog files.