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    wake workstations before deployment


       I can't figure out a way to have Netchk 7.8 wake the workstation before it attempts to run the scheduled task.  For example I scan 10 workstations in the morning and they all need 5 patches applied.  I deploy the patched and set them to run at 11pm that night.  All of the workstations are set to go to sleep after 2 hours of inactivitly so they will all be asleep at 11pm.  If I look at the scheduled tasks on the workstations I can see the scheduled deployment in the list of tasks, but the "wake the computer to run this task" under th actions tab isn't selected so they won't run until the next morning when my users get in and wake up the workstations.  Is there a way from Netchk to get that box checked when I scheduled deployment.