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    Safereboot out of nowhere

      Netchk Protect 7.6.0 build 1496

      Today we had 2 workstations (so far) suddenly do a safereboot for no apparent reason.  One was smart enough to call me and I killed the safereboot process remotey, the other got rebooted, and is very unhappy.

      My Deployment templates are all set to never reboot, and no patches had been deployed to these computers for at least a week.

      On one computer in question, I deployed 3 patches on April 19 and 1 on April 20. His Install folder has .cfg .map and .his files for both dates.
      There are no installs in the event log, nothing of note at all in the logs actually except for the safereboot:

      The process C:WindowsProPatchessafereboot.exe (computer1) has initiated the restart of computer computer1 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM for the following reason: Other (Planned)

      Reason Code: 0x80000000
      Shutdown Type: restart

      Comment: The system is restarting per your IT department's action to either apply security updates or per a power management policy. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved work will be lost.

      This is the worst possible day for this to happen (last day of Tax season in an acconting firm) and I'm not very popular at the moment.

      Any idea what could have caused this, and how to prevent it?

      Planning an upgrade to 7.8  later this week, if I'm allowed to continue to use this product.
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          Once a scan and deployment are performed and the machines reboot, scan the machines again to verify the patch is no longer listed as a missing patch.

          If the patch is still missing, you may need to troubleshoot your deployment.

          It may be that you performed a deployment, then machine was shut down or the Shavlik remote scheduler service was stopped.

          Once the machine was booted, or the service was started, it sees the scheduled task and will run the install, then reboot (if the reboot option was selected within your deployment template).


          If using agents or a Distribution server, verify the patches are downloaded and copied to your distribution server.  If the patch.exe file does not exist on the distribution server, the deployment may wait, once the file exists on the distribution server (could be days later), the deployment will complete and reboot your machines.

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            IF it was a delayed deployment due to the things you listed, would it not log the patches being applied in either the Shavlik logs and/or the event log? There was nothing in either.

            Also we NEVER deploy with a reboot option, except when configuring new computers long before they're given to real users.
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              Is there an AT task scheduled on the machine in question (Windows Task Scheduler)?
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                Please look at any old deployments to this machine to see when was this patch deployed to this machine?
                Who deployed the patch and was the deployment scheduled for another time?

                You can also look at the target machines c:windowspropatchesinstallfilename.HIS file.
                If you did perform a deployment with a reboot, it should be listed within the .his file.

                Someone reported that a Realplayer patch was buggy and ignored any reboot options within the deployment template, and rebooted the machine anyways.  We have been unable to replicate this issue.  Did you deploy a Real player or any other patches that may have caused the reboot?  If so, please let us know so we can try contacting that vender and let them know the patch may have a bug.