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    Client licences share


      I actually have one 7.6 console with 750 client licences for 70 remote sites (each sites have a Distribution Server).

      We will replace all the OS on those site and update some software/component also (ie IE6 vs IE 8).
      Obviously, it will take some time to have all those site updated with the new master (including new servers) which means that during this period we will need to push several patch versions but only one will be required on each site.

      To avoid to push unnecessary patches (IE6 patches where there is only IE8 and reverse) I plan to use a second console:
      - actual console will only update DS for non updated sites
      - new console will manage only updated sites

      It should also help to keep things clear: as soon as a site is updated, its DS is removed from the actual console and its machines are filtered, then the DS is added on the new console which will be used to scan this site.

      I can make the new console to use the actual console DB but I'd like to benefit of a new console to improve DB performance by using a brand new one.

      My question is:
      If the two console do not use the same DB, will I be able to share the client licences between the two consoles?

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