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    NetChk doesn't install MS11-028 (KB2446708) reliably..

      Is anyone else having issues installing this patch with NetChk? I have 2003/2008/2008 R2 systems that just sit indefinitely in 'Executing' status in the deployment tracker with no indication as to what is going on. I've reviewed the ProPatches folder on the target machines and everything seems to be in place. When I look at task manager on one of the target systems while the patch deployment is supposedly occurring I see a process of NDP40-KB2446708-x86.exe which is the correct patch file but it never consumes any CPU. It doesn't seem like it is doing anything. Yet I can go run the execution batch file under the ..Install.. folder and the patch installs fine. So why does the auto deployment hang?!

      I do not think this is environmental. I've been able to reproduce this on many different machines (both x86 and x64) and in every single case I was able to either manually run the Shavlik execution batch file -OR- run Windows Update and in less than 5 minutes be successfully patched with 2446708. It's only when I try to autodeploy that the targets just spin their wheels. We have had other patches that exhibit this same behavior (890830 comes to mind, which is the Malicious Software Removal Tool).

      We are running NetChk v7.8.1340 on a 2008 R2 host. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.